Course Credits

RMBL is a private, independent field station, unaffiliated with any university


Course credits issued by RMBL are sometimes accepted at colleges and universities in the US, but students should check with their school before arriving to be sure that this is true. We suggest you get a signed statement from your registrar’s office documenting that your university will in fact accept RMBL’s credits.

If you encounter any reluctance to accept RMBL credit, you have the option of receiving credit from Western Colorado University (WCU) in Gunnison. There is an additional fee per class, and arrangements must be made before the session begins. You will not be able to apply for WCU credit after the summer session ends.

RMBL Courses as listed on the Western Registration form are as follows:

BIOL 397     Full-time Independent Research (10 credits)

BIOL 397     Independent Research (8 credits)

BIOL 397     Rocky Mountain Ecosystems (2 credits)

BIOL 397     Wildlife Biology (2 credits)

RMBL students taking the short course and part-time independent study may sign up for one or both courses. WCU students will need to register for their classes through extended education and pay the WCU fee.

To apply for WCU credit, you will need to fill out the WCU Undergraduate RMBL Registration form. You’ll need to turn in the 2022 registration form to the WCU Extended Studies office and pay the associated fee before the summer session begins (June 8th, 2022). The address and contact info can be found on the forms.