The Student-Mentor Relationship

At RMBL, the student-mentor relationship is embedded in a vibrant resident scientific community, which facilitates superb undergraduate research. Each student’s experience will be unique, depending on their mentor’s research questions, system(s), and approach to doing science. For example, a few students will spend a lot of field time with their mentors. Other students, however, will work largely alone or as part of a lab group, having periodic meetings with their mentors along the way.

Applicants should peruse the list of mentors and projects, which is posted here, and consider the topics that interest them.

Please do not contact researchers directly. If you are accepted into the program, you will be matched with an appropriate mentor. Questions about the mentors can be directed to RMBL’s Research and Education Manager via email.

Resources for Mentors: Field Safety

Here is a link to a very well done field safety webinar, “Safer Science: Strategies to protect at-risk researchers when conducting fieldwork.” You can find a recording of the webinar on the Safer Science event website.


Several field safety resources were discussed and shared during the event. The complete list can be found below and on the Safer Science event website.